This page is dedicated to all
 our special feline friends who have
 moved on to rainbow bridge

They may be gone from our sight
 but never from our heart's
If you would like to remember your loved one
send me a picture and the name of your cat to

This is one of my babies who died on the
25th of Nov 2008. She was only 4 yrs old.
She is our little Fluffy girl. She will be
 reunited with Shoopy(one of her younger
brothers who died in 2007)  
in the Rainbow Bridge.

My darling baby boy, We didn't even get a chance to name you,
You touched so many hearts and you gave me the happiest time of my life,
We wish we could help you, but maybe you were meant to be our angel,
You were so little and so brave,
while your strong sisters hide away, you walked, ran and spoke and loved so soon,
We wish to see you again, we wish you good health in your next higher life,
We love you and we will always remember you,
Love you too much, Mummy Rajni, Daddy Shridhar, Shruti and Siddarth
Love and Kisses, Shruti

my  son who died jul 18 2007
 I  will love him for ever .after 11 years

My Darling kitten, Cohen Sven Kleynhans passed away
on the 12 February 2008...He was barely 4 months...
We'll always love you Cohen. MWAH!!!!!!!!!

Our baby boy, Shoopy
died on 27th May 2007 
around 11:30 pm.
He was only 1 yrs and 5 months.

You had such a bad start to your little life
but you soon made your self at home
we all miss you so very much lulu
our gang is lost with out you been here
we will all meet again one day at
rainbow bridge.

To our little old man "SOOTY",
we rescued you from the homing centre back in
May 29th 1993 the staff said that you were
about 2 years old, so May 29th became your birthday.
You picked us as your new Mummy and Daddy you
rubbed and purred around us selling yourself
and it worked. You got on well with our other
puss "MISTY" who was a grand age of 11 years,
sadly you were hit by a car in 1996 which resulted
in you having your right front leg amputated, we
were so dreadfully upset and worried if would adapt,
but you amazed us and got about really well.
You used to get loads of attention and sympathy
from people who passed our home and you lapped
it up, we had to let "MISTY" go in December of
2000 at the age of 18 1/2 yrs so you were alone,
6 months later we got "Millie" then in October 2004
we got "Merlin" by now your age was beginning to
tell you would sleep alot then you started to
lose weight your kidneys had started to fail
and we made the heartbreaking decision to
let go to the "RAINBOW BRIDGE" February
28th 2006 since then our little boy "MERLIN"
has joined you he was tragically taken
from us May 5th 2006. Two dear boys in the
same year our hearts are crushed and we
miss you both so very much, sleep well
Sooty and Merlin, "together" playing with Misty
and dear Blackie who left us in 1992 aged
10 years,so until we all meet again, be happy in
your new home. with Lots of Love, hugs and
kisses from your heartbroken
Mummy and Daddy X XX XXX  :
-(  P.S. "Millie" sends you all lots of loving "PURRS" xxx

We fell in love with you as soon as we saw you.
a tiny little kitten with blue eyes and full of life,
you were a breath of fresh air, we used to laugh at
your antic's, like carrying a furry mouse around in
your little pink mouth, we called it your baby! At
every opportunity we were taking photographs of
your development, you were a real poser.  We used to
watch you in the garden chasing flies, bees, frogs
and anything else that moved, you used to
come in with such dirty paws and walk over the kitchen
floor leaving your prints behind you.  You were our
little alarm clock in the morning howling us awake
for your breakfast and would jump onto the bed and
purr around our heads. These are just a few of
many memories we have of you for you were so
tragically taken from us on May 5th 2006 a day
which will etched on our hearts forever,
all we ever wanted was for you to live a long and happy
life, we loved you so much and miss you every
waking hour.  You have left a massive void in
our lives, we wish we could give one more cuddle,
one more kiss, we wish that you were still here
with us. One day we will meet again our darling boy
when we meet at the "RAINBOW BRIDGE"
where you are now playing with "BAGGINS",
"BLACKIE", "MISTY" and our dear "SOOTY"
who passed away February 28th 2006 at the
age of 15yrs.  Be happy our little one in your
new home,  with Millions of Love, Cuddles
and Kisses From your heartbroken 
Mummy and Daddy X XX XXX

 We had to let her go on 17th March 2006.
She was with us for 19 years.
Life just isn't the same without her.
Sleep well, my little Rose.
We love you so much. Mum and Dad Hill

 CARLA 1997-2006
We had 9 years of love. we all wish it was longer
but god needed you for an angel
sleep well until we see you again.
passed away 11th of April 2006

THis is MiChiKo. 
He passed away December 5th 2005. 
I miss him very much.  I wish he was still here. 
He was two and a half years old.  He is my Baby BOy.  
I hope he is happy where ever he is. 

August 10, 1992 - December 12, 2005
You were family, my daughters best friend and
we loved you very much.  You had the kindest
gentlest demeanor and Mandy and I will miss
you very much dear Strauss. 
 We hope your waiting for each of us
when we cross over.

This is my beautiful classic tabby Tiffy
who died on 9th November 2005 I love her so
much and always will. She was 14 years old
and has been such a joy to me.
Will never forget you girlie your my
baby Tiffs. Love ya loads

Our darling sweet boy, Hamish, left us on May 9th 
aged about 17.  We rescued him in 1988 after he'd travelled
to the South of England on a train from Scotland.  He was
simply the most loving and sweetest natured cat we have
ever known - he even used to purr when I clipped his claws. 
He had diabetes for three years and his daily insulin
injections kept him fit until his kidneys failed. 
 We miss him so much but we know he is an
angel cat looking after us.

My sweet Squeakers crossed the Bridge on
 September 1, 2004 from FIP. She was almost
11 months, and already an Angel. I miss her
so much.....and I'm sorry Squeak, that I couldn't
take away your awful disease. You were my
soulmate, and I will always hold you close to
my heart. Until we meet again....Your
Forever Mommy, Jessie~

 left for rainbow bridge october 2004 she was 6 years old
 and loved by all the family we will miss you
 always until me cross rainbow bridge together my love
sleep in peace

This is Sparky.
  My old man was 22 when he passed over to
 Rainbows Bridge on the 21st June 2004. 
Appropriately its the longest day too.  He and Twinkle
 were my first cats and I miss them so much.
Sparky, my darling, until we meet again,
have fun and run among the butterflies at
 Rainbows Bridge.  Love,  Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Linus (hug bug)
you came to me so ill and very sad you looked
 we tried to get you a new home but one was never found
it turned out that you were meant to live with me
your time was so short we all miss my little hug bug
december 2001-july2003

Simba  5/00 - 8/03
Even though you were the neighborhood orphan,
I loved you like you were my own.
I'm just sorry that you I could not do more for you. 
 For someone so young, you touched many. 
 I love you very very much and miss you terribly. Zanka

suzy left for rainbow bridge in december 2002
 she was my old girls i miss you so very much
she was 18 years old missyou now and always
suzy 1984-2002

Tuff-Stuff (Tuffy for short)
He came to me as a young cat and left for Rainbow Bridge on 12/26/02.
My heart is still broken. We had quite a time together didn't we Tuffy?
I am so blessed to have had you in my life for over 20 incredible years.
You will always remain a part of me.
All my Love, my boy, until we meet at Rainbow Bridge.

Your time was so short and you
were only 1 years old when you
left us for rainbow bridge.
we all miss you so very much but
you will never leave our heart's
MR JINK 2001-2002

You came to me a little stray very thin
and full of flu. It tuck such a long time
to get you picked up but we did.
You found a good loving home and sadly
you left for rainbow bridge we all miss you my little man.
Bradly 1995-2001

This is Sweety, she was 13 yrs old that I had her for 13 yrs too. She
died of fip feline infection. She is the best cat that I ever had! My
heart is broken. She will be missed by me (mommy) and my mother also my
brother Marty. We loved her.   She born on April 21, 1991 to Dec 1st,
2004.  Sadly missed by mommy.

This is our lovely boy Rollieover who died may 17th 2004 , he was always
rolling over happily, we will miss him very much and never forget him.

We all love you very much. you left us so suddenly.
 i cant wait for the day till we meet again. you were my baby
 and always will be. I love you!
Patches 1997-2003

You came to me such a long time ago now.
So sweet you were and full of love. It broke my heart the
day you left for rainbow bridge i miss you my sweet angel
Holly 1993-1997

You were so wild when we first meat.
All i ever saw was your tail as you ran away but
with time you gave your love and trust.
And you became one of the family. I will never know
why you left for rainbow bridge i miss you
so much my little wild one
Roger 1997-2002

poppy left for rainbow bridge in october 2002
you came to me with very bad injury we got you all
fix and well and we had you for 10 years
in our life we miss you so very much and we will
always love you i miss the way you would lie
on my pillow and paddle my head i miss so
poppy 1992-2002

molly left for rainbow bridge in september 2002
we miss you so very much sleep in peace
molly 1995-2002

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The Rainbow Bridge story
Just this side of heaven is a place
called rainbow bridge.When an animal
dies that has been especially close to
someone here,that pet goes
to rainbow bridge. There are
meadows and hills
for all of our special friends so they
can run and play together. There is
plenty of food,water and sunshine,
and our friends are warm and
All the animals who had been ill
and old are restored to health and
who were hurt or maimed are made
whole and strong again, just as
we remember them in our dreams of
days and times gone
by . The animals are happy and
content,except for one small thing;
they each miss someone very special
to them, who had to be left behind.
They all
run and play together, but the day
comes when one suddenly stops
and looks into the distance. His
bright eyes
are intent; His eager body quivers.
Suddenly he begins to run from
the group,flying over green grass,
his legs carrying him
faster and faster. You have been
spotted, and when you and your
special friend
finally meet, you cling together in
joyours reunion, never to be parted
again. The happy kisses rain upon
your face; your
hands again caress the beloved
head, and you look once more into
 the trusting eyes of your pet, so
long gone from your life but never
absent from your heart. then you
cross Rainbow Bridge together
Author unknow